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You cannot predict the future

A guide on how you can break down hard problems and solve them efficiently

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Diving deep into these programming mindsets, and implementing them into the software development process

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Simple face detection using the Blazeface model in TensorFlow.js.

Exploring what makes non-fungible tokens special, why they are so popular, and the future of NFTs

The Basics — Blockchain

Understanding how Cross-Origin Resource sharing and the Single Origin Policy work.

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Confused between C++ and Python ?

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Solving problems should be the focus, everything else is a tool.

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Learn how queues are used in real applications and it’s implementation in Python and C++

You wouldn’t be able to read this now if stacks didn’t exist. Stacks described from a practical perspective for engineers.

Adarsh Menon

I make websites and teach machines to predict stuff. I also make YouTube videos —

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